Lucknow on a new high!


Lucknow Public School - Rohit Kashyap & Swapnil Palash


Summer Valley Dehradun - Vinayak Sharma & Dinkar Juya

If there is one city at TCS IT Wiz that has been consistently registering an improved performance that would undoubtedly be Lucknow. From being a city that was close to the tenth position on cumulative average of teams to now standing ahead of big cities like Chennai and Pune is admirable.

With over 600 teams the stage was set for a fantastic afternoon of quizzing. A well balanced prelim that foxed a few resulted in the following six finalists.

The finalists were

Lucknow Public School - Rohit Kashyap & Swapnil Palash
Montfort Inter - Pratyush Gupta & Aishwarya Singh
Jaipuria School Kanpur - Karthikay Agarwal & Rishav Mukherji
Lucknow Public College - R- Rohit Verma & Sashank Pandey
Summer Valley Dehradun - Vinayak Sharma & Dinkar Juyal
Delhi Public School Kanpur - Shubham Mazumdar & Rahul Wadhwani

The finale was interesting, gripping and absorbing as Jaipuria and Lucknow Public College made the early moves while Summer Valley and LPS were quick to catch up. The game looked close till the buzzers came into play.

The round of TCS proved to be a good one for LPS as they seemed well prepared for the occasion and capitalized with good strikes. As the quiz moved into the phase where teams are required to think lateral, the pressure equation seemed to tilt and teams started playing to the pressure. Summer Valley, Jaipuria and LPS were clearly the ones ahead of the rest at this stage.

In the final round of the quiz the young LPS duo who were runners up a year ago showed their class and preparation to get past the other two and register a place for their school in the national final.

Summer Valley did well to rally past Jaipuria to finish runner up.


Lucknow Public School

Rohit Kashyap & Swapnil Palash

Runner Up:

Summer Valley Dehradun

Vinayak Sharma & Dinkar Juya