Modern School's brilliant win at Delhi


Modern School: Apratim Chandra Singh and Naman Dhanuka


DPS Noida: Abhijay Gupta and Samarth Wahal

It was a normal November morning at the national capital. The wind, a trifle chill with winter rapidly setting in. As one entered the lovely IIT Delhi campus, the air seemed warmer with students all set for TCS IT Wiz. Some were pouring over their notes, some tweeting, some updating their morning status as the gates opened to India’s biggest inter-school quiz. In walked Pickbrain at 1030 sharp, an air of anticipation replaced the morning chill as he went about his task in clinical fashion, belting out posers that made the teams think rather than recall. After an interesting prelim the stage was set for the finale.

The finalists at Delhi were:

DPS Noida - Abhijay Gupta and Samarth Wahal
Modern School - Apratim Chandra Singh and Naman Dhanuka
DPS Rohini - Sayan Chaudhry and Dhruv Khurana
Mount St.Mary’s School - Kanwar Pratap Singh and Rohan Gulati
Springdales - Akhil Verma and Anand
Rukmini Devi Public School- Saarthak Sachdeva and Divyanshu Nandwani

The final started with all teams looking keen, sharp and well prepared. However, all of this changed quickly in the next couple of rounds as a young class 10 duo from DPS Noida started cracking answers in a hurry and seemed to be in fantastic form as they left most team dazed. Rukmini Devi which had started well seemed to know the answers but were too slow for the former on the buzzer.

The Modern School team that had lost this final a year ago on the tie breaker had a plan though. They scored on whatever they knew in the early rounds and waited for the round on TCS to unfold. Question after question they went for the buzzer, even as Pickbrain would barely read the question, underlining their intent and unlocking their strategy of having targeted the TCS round.

Cracking three out of four in that one round they were now within striking distance of DPS Noida and with some more good answers they were ahead of DPS of the first time. DPS did try to catch up, a couple of times, but could not really forge ahead as the battle was clearly two-way. In the final round Modern School took repeated half chances and converted them to full scoring points to ensure no one got in the way of their march into the nationals in their fourth and final attempt. Kudos to their perseverance. The quizmaster had a special word of appreciation for the young DPS Noida team who were still in class 10 and yet came so close to clinching the title.


Modern School

: Apratim Chandra Singh and Naman Dhanuka

Runner Up:

DPS Noida:

Abhijay Gupta and Samarth Wahal