Sagar Public Bhopal conquer Indore


Sagar Public Bhopal - Mayukh Nair and Shubham Rao


New Greenfield Academy - Pratyush Samal and Siddharth Jindal

Over 600 teams and Indore was buzzing with life as children from Dewas, Bhopal and other places came in large numbers for the biggest quiz in the region. Children were pouring over their books hoping to find a couple of extra marks in the last moments of preparation as quizmaster Pickbrain entered the venue to commence the prelims. It turned out to be a battle for supremacy even in the prelim as several teams did well. The finalists at were:

St.Pauls - Shashwat Gupta and Hussain Bandukwala
St.Raphael - Ms.Manasi Sunil and Ms.Alifya Vora
St.Arnold’s - Shivansh Beohar and Aryan Das
New Greenfield Academy - Pratyush Samal and Siddharth Jindal
Chameli Devi - Manish Jain and Mandar Vichare
Sagar Public Bhopal - Mayukh Nair and Shubham Rao

The final started slowly for the first round but barely did Pickbrain move proceedings into the second set of animations and the Bhopal duo started thundering in with one answer after another. They were so good with their interpretation of the questions that they instantly won the hearts of the Indore crowd who started supporting them.

Just when they seemed to run away with the final the duo from New Greenfield and the girls from St.Raphaels also started scoring quickly making the quiz interesting. In the final rounds the Bhopal duo gave nothing away and clinched the title in great style while New Greenfield with a high score of 55 had to still settle as runner up.

Quizmaster Pickbrain who entertained the audience with his quick wit and motivating style also pointed that the runner up score could have won them the quiz in some other locations.

The guest of honour the Dr.Ritu , Vice President and Deputy Head Global HR of TCS observed that “These children are powering a new future of thought” and encouraged them to excel.


Sagar Public School

Mayukh Nair and Shubham Rao

Runner Up:

New Greenfield Academy

Pratyush Samal and Siddharth Jindal