St.Patricks Pondy stun Chennai


St.Patrick Matric, Pondicherry - Jayakrishna and Venkata Sai Adarsh


SBOA (Anna Nagar), Chennai - Sanjay Seetharaman and Samyak Jain

The clock struck half past 10 and the Music Academy at Chennai erupted with joy as the curtains opened to the 2015 edition of TCS IT Wiz. In walked the seasoned interrogator, Pickbrain and his mere presence made the 1700 students move to the edge of their seats.

Twenty questions and an hour flew by quickly as teams battled with their minds to crack what was evidently a tough prelim. The quizmaster did remind the audience that it was the city of the 2014 national champions so they should expect it to be tough. The finalists who made it were:

Maharishi VidyaMandir - Pranav Hari and Visrudh
SBOA(Anna Nagar), Chennai - Sanjay Seetharaman and Samyak Jain
St. Patrick Matric, Pondicherry - Jayakrishna and Venkata Sai Adarsh
SRDF Vivekananda Vidyalaya - Sidhdharth and Gautam
Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya - Anirudh and Tushar Sairam
PSBB Nungambakkam - Charan and Akash Kishore

The final was a thriller from the word go. With each passing round the quiz became more tense, as teams came up with brilliant answers. It moved at a brisk pace till the final round and the city was in for a shock as the youngest team on stage from St.Patricks Pondicherry won the title for the first time ever.

Quizmaster Pickbrain perhaps described it best on his social media page. “Two young boys from St. Patrick Pondicherry leave home at 5.30am fuelled by their passion for quizzing. Still in class 9 and 10 they hope to witness a good quiz at Chennai. Cut to 2pm, they are the last men standing, having surpassed all the deadly Chennai teams to become the first ever school from Pondy to win this prestigious school quiz.I don't think it was their answers that won them the quiz, it was their passion for quizzing that got them there. The Chennai crowd was so sportive and applauded with grace to see a Pondy team rise at Chennai. TAKE A BOW.”

In a battle that literally went down the wire, the duo from SBOA Chennai finished runner up for the second consecutive year as they got the better of PSBB and the other finalists.

Truly a memorable day for the quiz as the guest of honour Mr.Ravi Viswanathan, President Growth Markets and Head Chennai Operations, TCS also appreciated the sharpness of the students and their knowledge of IT.


St.Patrick Matric, Pondicherry

Jayakrishna and Venkata Sai Adarsh

Runner Up:

SBOA (Anna Nagar)

Sanjay Seetharaman and Samyak Jain