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Quartz - Blockchain Solutions

Synchronize data across entities, build trust and collaborate



Blockchain today is fostering collaboration between multiple organizations in a value chain, eliminating redundancies, reducing risk and time.

It is being explored in areas as varied as digital identities and registries, payments, settlements, information exchange, trade finance, e-Governance, healthcare, insurance, supply chain, provenance of commodities, music, art, among others.

Blockchain has the power to bring organizations together by creating ecosystems that amplify the value delivered by each on a stand-alone basis.



Quartz Blockchain solutions comprises:

  • Quartz Smart Solutions - A set of ‘Designed for Blockchain’ business solutions across industries

  • Quartz DevKit - Smart contract development kits that enable development of high quality code for different Blockchain technologies

  • Quartz Gateway - Solutions which easily integrate existing applications with blockchain ecosystems/networks

  • Quartz Command Center - Solutions that facilitate administering and monitoring of the entire ecosystem

Quartz blockchain use cases: BaNCS Industry NetworkContract Authoring | Settlements |  Cross Border Remittances | Reward Points

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Quartz Networks and Ecosystems

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