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The Smart Ledgers



Blockchain, is undeniably one of the biggest disruptions for today’s business and is making inroads into virtually every industry.

It is being explored in areas as varied as digital identities and registries, payments, settlements, information exchange, trade finance, e-Governance, healthcare, insurance, supply chain, provenance of commodities, music, art, among others.

Blockchain has the power to bring organizations together by creating ecosystems that amplify the value delivered by each on a stand-alone basis.


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Quartz, The Smart Ledgers comprises:

  • Quartz Smart Solutions - A set of ‘Designed for Blockchain’ business solutions across industries

  • Quartz DevKit - Smart contract development kits that enable development of high quality code for different blockchain technologies. The Quartz DevKit also comprises a standard set of architectural features covering security, data privacy, access controls, user management, audit trails and logging framework represented as Quartz Foundation

  • Quartz Gateway - Solutions which easily integrate existing applications with blockchain ecosystems/networks

  • Quartz Command Center - Solutions that facilitate administering and monitoring of the entire ecosystem

Quartz Use Cases: BaNCS Industry Network | Contract Authoring | Settlements |  Cross Border Remittances | Reward Points


The Future will be Tokenized

Tokenization democratizes access to high-net-worth asset classes

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