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Sagarika Singh

Solution Architect, Digital and Enterprise Transformation Group, HiTech Business Unit, TCS

Leveraging big data-enabled security data lake for robust threat detection

Combining big data-enabled security data lake with traditional SIEM provides enterprises with a robust mechanism to ensure real-time cyberthreat detection. Embedding SIEM in a data lake strategy can provide access to data to not just security teams but also other organizational functions, to ensure consistency. A specialized big data-enabled security data lake comprises features such as:

  • Contextualization of information to make it more business relevant
  • Intelligent behavior-driven threat detection based on machine learning algorithms and dynamic rules
  • Centralized real-time search and UI dashboards
  • Scalability with big data-enabled distributed platforms ingesting and processing large data volumes at the pace of business 
  • Increased data retention in a low-cost big data-based commodity infrastructure
  • ML-based predictions that analyze historical data and context and can be plugged directly into real-time situations
  • Centralized view of cyberthreat on a single platform