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Zakhir Sidickk

Senior Consultant, CPG, TCS

Snigdha Jain

Innovation Consultant, CPG, TCS

Sowmya Narayanan

Innovation Consultant, CPG, TCS

Changing impulsive buying behavior into online marketing strategies

As customers increasingly shop online, adapting online marketing strategies in confectionery is a must to boost sales and enhance consumer experience. Some ways to do it include:

  • Ranking at the top of the search results

  • Leveraging conversational e-commerce for establishing connections with frequent shoppers

  • Investing in automation and digitalization to address customer queries, recommend products and walk them through the purchase journey online

  • Enabling one-click online checkouts to promote low value impulse purchases

However, to achieve this, organizations need to build a robust digital engagement strategy that helps consumers easily browse through the digital shelf, understand impulse buying behavior through analytics, and build a seamless phygital consumer experience.