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Amitabha Saha Roy

Sales and Marketing Global Practice head, CPG and Distribution Business Unit at TCS

Building resilience with a purpose-centric strategy for a new beginning

The COVID-19 crisis has led to an uncertain, volatile, and dynamic business environment. It is placing immense pressure on Consumer Product Goods (CPG) companies to stay true to their purpose, adapt at speed to the fast unfolding situation, and demonstrate resilience.

There is a need for manufacturers to implement a revenue management strategy anchored around key levers that impact revenue and profitability. This will enable them to closely monitor fast-changing trends across channels and products and develop a comprehensive commercial strategy. It requires:

- Rethinking the conventional revenue management solutions

- Measuring and monitoring volatile and constantly changing attributes

- Enabling high-frequency and granular revenue management

These measures will be critical in a post pandemic world as they help in preserving cash and protecting the top-line and bottom-line.