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Mallikarjuna Vemuri

Digital Delivery Head, CPG, TCS

Shashank Gupta

Digital Consultant, CPG, TCS

Prashanth Ananda Venkatesan

Digital Consultant, CPG, TCS

Laying the foundation with sustainable solutions for profitable growth

Driven by changing consumer preferences and market demands, sustainability is high on the agenda of CPG companies. Sustainable strategies for CPG companies need to go beyond reducing their carbon footprints, tracking wastage, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, energy savings, economic impact and recyclable materials to evaluating crucial current practices. It is about developing sustainable solutions and innovations. It is about being a socially responsible organization with sustainability at the core. This paper describes a cognitive digital framework (CROPS) for CPG companies to transform.

Key highlights:

  • Corroborating current processes
  • Re-creating the processes to identify points of wastage
  • Building an offset strategy to promote eco-friendly practices
  • Building reputation with the right partnerships for a shared sustainability vision
  • Taking social responsibility for enhancing brand equity