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Disrupt Clinical Research in a Digital World

Transform your clinical research process. Digital data management leads to better drug development. 



Pharmaceutical firms want to reduce trial timelines in order to bring drugs faster, to patients in need–while managing safety, regulatory, and data quality requirements.

Sponsors face a multitude of challenges:

  • Inconsistent, non-standardized, ever growing trial data in silos
  • Inefficient clinical development processes
  • Low visibility into treatment adherence and inefficient patient engagement
  • Missing insights and analytics
  • Complex regulatory requirements

These challenges prevent sponsors from leveraging the flexibility offered by adaptive trials.

TCS Solution

TCS ADD is a modern and open drug development platform for life sciences that leverages digital ecosystems, simplifies data complexity and enables faster access to new and effective drugs for patients in need. The platform is powered by a cognitive artificial intelligence engine called TCS Decision FabricTM, data-driven smart analytics and internet of things (IoT) that makes clinical trials more agile and safe.

This helps sponsors:

  • Foster optimized study planning
  • Accelerate study setup and execution
  • Manage comprehensive and new data sources
  • Derive meaningful insights
  • Enable adherence to safety and regulatory needs
  • Improve patient engagement
  • Support adaptive trials



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ADD platform applies Machine First Delivery ModelTM (MFDMTM) based on Robotic Automation, Cognitive Computing, and Machine Learning, which enables resolution of industry problems to achieve business outcomes faster with reduced risks.

Key platforms of our ADD suite include:

  • ADD Data Standardization and Biometrics: A metadata driven end-to-end solution that manages industry and sponsor clinical standards, covering automated standard compliance and re-use.

  • ADD Data Management: A standards-based industry compliant solution, that is easy to use with less customer training and faster study setup time.

  • ADD Analytics and Insights: A data science platform that leverages AI & ML technologies to provide predictive use cases like adaptive monitoring and site feasibility to enable quicker data-driven decisions, faster study start-up and targeted study interventions.

  • ADD Supply Management: Digitizes supply activities for clinical trials to ensure that the right package, medication and information are dispensed to the right patient at the right time.

  • ADD Patient and Site Engagement: Enables real-time monitoring, insights with power to alter, comprised of a rich library of digital engagement tools and multi-media content tailored to meet study specific needs in local language and accessible on any device.

  • ADD Regulatory: Enhances compliance within the regulatory environment and increases operational efficiency & quality through an automation-led solution

  • ADD Safety: Re-imagines the intake, processing, and analysis of safety cases through a cognitive, artificial intelligence and big data technology-led platform


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