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Enterprises are looking for an automated way to manage IT infrastructure and focus more on building new applications. TCS helps organizations meet this challenge using its proprietary tools that optimize automation solutions for serverless computations from cloud-service providers such as AWS. AWS Lambda has helped enterprises look at cloud differently, especially from the lens of managing underlying infrastructure. Powered by automation, AWS Lambda enables developers to control cloud environment in an event-responsive manner.

Enterprises want to leverage serverless compute services that help to run code without provisioning or managing servers. AWS Lambda compute has seen rapid adoption, both from enterprises who can migrate specific functionalities to AWS Lambda without the need to migrate the underlying infrastructure, and also from those enterprises that are starting on their cloud journey. The service helps in creating workload-aware cluster scaling, maintaining event integrations and in managing runtimes. 

Today, most of the modern applications that span organizational boundaries call for various execution patterns for functionalities. For example, AWS Lambda combined with Amazon API Gateway, responds to synchronous API calls, S3, and from other services on AWS for asynchronous or event-based processing. Lambda also integrates well with other services such as Amazon Kinesis to address data streaming needs.

TCS services on AWS Lambda helps enterprises accelerate their modernization journey, leveraging its deep knowledge of migration and modernization on AWS cloud. It assesses current workload for enablement of AWS Lambda, recommends adoption roadmap, provides reference architecture blueprints, and suggests development frameworks such as AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) along with robust DevOps pipelines.

AWS Lambda needs to be correctly configured on various parameters such as memory size, languages and runtimes, provisioned concurrency and code optimization to achieve optimal performance in a cost-effective manner. TCS has successfully implemented various use cases such as data processing, real-time file and stream processing, machine learning, backend for web, IoT and mobile applications using AWS Lambda and other serverless offerings from AWS.


TCS’ offering delivers the following benefits:

  • Runs codes without provisioning and managing infrastructure
  • Scales applications to simultaneously manage hundreds of workloads
  • Requires payment for only consumed compute time
  • Optimizes code execution time
  • Facilitates improved response time of applications

TCS Advantage

TCS brings several advantages to the table, such as:

  • A decade-long partnership with AWS in delivering products and solutions
  • Service delivery competency partner on AWS Lambda
  • Accelerators and best practices for efficient serverless development
  • Repository of architecture blueprints for industry-specific serverless use-cases
  • Successful track record across multiple engagements using AWS Lambda



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