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Data is a company’s most powerful asset today. It enhances customer experience, innovates ecosystems, minimizes risk, and is monetized to deliver value. Yet, many organizations fail to tap its full power. From data silos to incorrect data solutions, from IT-business misalignment to lack of data visibility, the reasons are numerous and diverse. Given the significant impact, enterprises need to take a comprehensive view of the problem — one that encompasses people, processes, technologies and data.  

TCS Solution

Since data is an enterprise-level resource, TCS’ unique approach provides a comprehensive view of the people, processes, technology and data and their interdependencies. Our DATOMTM offers organizations a customized framework and techniques to ensure the foundation of their data and analytics programs is set up to serve any business needs.

The solution assesses an enterprise’s data maturity level by how its data is managed and used across the organization, line of businesses, or regions. It identifies gaps in the existing data and analytics programs and develops specific approaches for plugging them. The outcome is a prescriptive plan to simplify operating models, set up data governance models, build technology patterns and architectures, and create resulting analytics capabilities to ensure data and analytics programs truly drive business growth.


  • Helps organizations with a 360 degree view of their data and analytics needs
  • Helps organizations assess their data and analytics maturity across key result areas
  • Provides IT and data executives with a tool to measure the progress of their data and analytics journey
  • Identifies the gaps and root causes of the prevailing challenges before organizations
  • Enables adoption of leading practices, processes, techniques and solutions depending on context
  • Addresses development of service delivery, digital governance, and business roadmaps
  • Highlights patterns to provide insights and help customers envision which is the best fit

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