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Enterprises are grappling with multiple data sets spread across the enterprise that reside in silos, often in legacy technologies and disjointed databases, data warehouses and data lakes. They try to harness a myriad set of reporting and analytical tools to integrate these disparate data sets for retroactive decision making. The need for an integrated set of solutions has become  paramount to manage and derive meaning out of data which serves as key inputs to uncover insights by applying the latest techniques in data science and machine learning. AWS provides a flexible approach for developing solutions tailored to the needs of enterprises already operating in AWS cloud environments.

TCS Data, Integration and Analytics (DIA) services focus on enabling and accelerating customer value in AWS environments. With broad and relevant expertise on data solutions on AWS cloud, TCS offers services in database transformation with data migration, modernization, archival, integration with data warehouses, formation of data lakes in AWS, real time and operational analytics, and data governance.  

TCS’ DIA leverages several key cloud-native services such as Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon EMR, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Database Migration, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Athena, AWS Glue, Amazon Kinesis and Amazon QuickSight. 


With TCS’ solutions and services, organizations will be able to:

  • Ensure consolidation, transformation and preparation of data for effective analytics
  • Create actionable dashboards and reports from raw data
  • Govern and secure data by categorizing and controlling data
  • Enable lower upfront investments by leveraging in-house accelerators and frameworks
  • Drive reduction in the overall data operations cost
  • Ramp up digitalization, resulting in faster go-to-market

TCS Advantage


Decade-long partnership with AWS in delivering products and solutions 

 A range of proprietary tools and frameworks such as TCS DATOMTM, TCS DAEzMoTM, Dezypher and TCS MasterCraftTM  

Deep technology expertise and end-to-end services portfolio including consulting, implementation and managed services, and experience in agile, DevOps and automation for project delivery

Successful track record of having delivered several AWS solutions




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