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Empowerment by Design

Through its all-women center in Riyadh, TCS is creating growth opportunities for women in Saudi.


Riyadh, one of the most populous cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), displays an interesting facet in its demographic dividend. Almost 60% of the city’s graduates are women, and yet, until very recently, they were conventionally employed in public sector and educational organizations. To provide these talented and highly skilled women new avenues for growth and development, Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) in 2013 set about conceptualizing the world’s first ‘all-women’ Business Process Services (BPS) center in Riyadh.

The aim was to also drive local job creation and strengthen economic diversification – TCS wanted to be an employer of choice in KSA, influencing the employability and empowerment of the local women. With the inauguration of the center in 2014, TCS reinforced the idea of diversity in its already inclusive workforce.

The center also brought a unique business model to KSA, becoming a rich training ground for Saudi women to building new capabilities, skills, and careers. Currently, the center provides support to 23 processes in areas such as finance and accounting, human resources, materials supply, supply chain management, and IT services, among others, for a range of clients across 50 countries.

Starting off with 20 Saudi Arabian women, the center gradually increased the staff count to 500 employees from a range of nationalities, including Indian, Chinese, and Australian. Among the staff are those who hold Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees. TCS’ effort to increase capabilities and career opportunities for women in Saudi Arabia has also resulted in diversification of the services sector there.

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Today, the project has scaled to 1,000 women and consists of 85% Saudi women professionals, who provide BPS and IT services to a range of global clients. TCS also put in nearly 610,000 cumulative hours of intensive training sessions for the center, which has more than equipped the associates with the necessary skill sets and knowledge to succeed.

A study by Everest Group revealed that BPS has unlocked opportunities for Saudi Arabia to become the hub for the industry in the Middle East. The sector creates more than 100,000 skilled jobs in the country each year, matching the number of people who enter the job market. The introduction of these services through TCS’ center has the potential to create an extensive influence on the Saudi Arabian economy.

TCS believes in the potential of the center to create jobs for the Kingdom’s youth and enable fruitful employment opportunities for women. Says Intisar AlMarhoon, an Assistant Manager at the center, “I know I am in the right place – a place that gives me wings, a place that will help me achieve my dreams.” A highly inclusive workplace, buzzing with innovation and energy, the Riyadh center – and its workforce – is today more than just a delivery location for TCS; it is a vital part of its global delivery network.


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