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Episode Descriptor

Sometimes, the best way to connect is by ‘breaking’. That’s right! In this episode of the Next Big Think!, Sundeep Ravande, the CEO of TCS COIN™ startup Innovapptive, unveils the magic of breaking silos and how it paves the way for collaboration and enhanced productivity. The podcast captures the concept of a ‘connected worker’ and explores how Innovapptive ensures worker safety, while helping customers improve their SG&A (Selling General and Administrative Expenses) and revenue per employee metrics.

Sundeep believes the future belongs to no code – low code, which eliminates the need for coding and enables customers to customize solutions as needed. He envisions a tomorrow in which more and more specialized players come together to form an ecosystem and take on different challenges in the connected worker sector.

Listen in to know how the mobile solution of tomorrow is bridging the gap between the various components of organizations and fueling innovation and collaboration. Click ‘play’. Now.  


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Presenting the Workforce of Tomorrow
Know why a connected worker is the answer to your operational challenges
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Guest: Sundeep V. Ravande, CEO, Innovapptive Inc.
Sundeep Ravande

Sundeep V. Ravande is the CEO of Innovapptive Inc. and believes in a better way of running plant-based operations. Most enterprises are experiencing shrinking profit margins in the current economy and disappearing tribal knowledge due to a rapidly aging workforce. Over the last 4 decades, operations continue to be a set of tedious linear steps—slow, inaccurate and highly inefficient.

Sundeep envisions a world where field work can be done faster, cheaper and safer through a ‘Connected Worker’ experience for 350 million field workers across the globe. By placing the front-line worker at the center of all plant-based processes, companies are seeing their staff seamlessly collaborate with systems of records, humans, machines and workflows in a highly efficient and safe operation.


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To the 5G-Future of Speed
Episode 4 of The Next Big Think! is about 5G technology, private networks, and a world set to change forever.
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A shout-out to the future. Presented by TCS COIN™. Powered by TCS Pace™.


Guest: Dr. Ganesh Sundaram, Founder and CEO, Alefedge
ganesh sundaram

Dr. Ganesh Sundaram is the founder and CEO of Alefedge, pioneering the next generation distributed Edge Internet.  With over 20 years of rich experience in technology creation and product realization, he has developed several foundational technologies leading to new standards, products, and deployments. Recently, Ganesh was recognized for his Biggest Individual Contribution to Edge Computing Development at the Edge Awards.  Prior to that, he was named a Bell Labs Fellow in 2012, inducted into the Alcatel Lucent Technical Academy, and is a recipient of two Bell Labs Presidents Awards. 


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