St.Judes from Kotagiri impress at Chennai


St.Judes Kotagiri: Ms. Yazhini Shanmugam and Harsh Agarwal


Chettinad Vidyashram: Sanchit and Chirag

Over 1600 children at the iconic Music Academy in Chennai was a treat to watch even before the quiz got underway. Quizmaster Pickbrain explained the rules and prizes before quizzing the teams with 20 not so easy prelim questions. The following teams made it to the final.

Vidyamandir :

Sandeep and Harishankar

SRDF Vivekananda :

Mohnish and Vigneshwaran

PSBB Nungambakkam :

Adithya and Pratul R

Chettinad Vidyashram :

Sanchit and Chirag

St.Judes Kotagiri :

Ms. Yazhini Shanmugam and Harsh Agarwal

St.John’s :

Akash.S and Shahad Khan

The final witnessed St.Judes get into the lead very early and dominating the first half of the quiz. In the latter stages, while the teams from Chettinad Vidyashram, PSBB and Vidyamandir started scoring well, the Judes duo took a few chances and got themselves into a really good position.

From there on they decided not to do anything silly and held on to the lead registering a comfortable win at a tough city. The battle for the second place was close and tense. At the end on a tie-breaker, the team from Chettinad Vidyashram inched past PSBB to clinch the runner-up title

The guests of honour Mr. Robert G. Burgess, U.S. Consul General in Chennai, appreciated the teams and said while he was impressed with the high standards of the students in India, he urged them to be inspired by these forums and acquire more knowledge. Mr. Suresh Raman, Vice President and Head of Chennai Operations, TCS and the CTO of TCS, Mr. Ananth Krishnan were present.


St.Judes Kotagiri :

Ms. Yazhini Shanmugam and Harsh Agarwal

Runner Up :

Chettinad Vidyashram :

Sanchit and Chirag