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The business environment faced today by life sciences companies is very different from a decade back. The growth of personalized medicine, increased focus on patient outcomes, shifting manufacturing paradigms, pricing activism, rapidly evolving regulatory environment, and emergence of new market players along with advances in information technology call for a revamp of strategy and operations, to maintain business advantage.

TCS Solution

A number of disrupting factors are causing a paradigm shift in the life sciences industry. Growth in translational research and genomics is pushing medicine towards personalization to individual patients and cohorts. Government regulations have resulted in increased operational mandates and downward pressures on margins. Healthcare professionals and patients demand better value outcomes, higher levels of information access, and transparency. Convergence of process, data, and science is demanding a rethink through digital transformation - Digital Workplace, Digital Thread and Twin, Social Style Collaboration, Scientific Data Digitization, Real World Evidence and so on.

TCS Life Sciences Advisory services help executives in Pharmaceutical, Med Tech, and Biologics. Companies evaluate their imperatives, define forward-looking strategies, and tailor them into actionable plans for rapid execution leveraging TCS Business 4.0 framework.  Our Advisory services span the entire spectrum of life sciences value chain.

  • Clinical and Research Advisory to optimize clinical trials management, patient engagement, and cure pathways
  • Supply Chain Management Advisory focuses on strategy and execution to enable agile, responsive supply chains
  • Manufacturing Advisory helps with strategy and execution to enable digital manufacturing and Industry 4.0
  • Engineering Advisory enables efficient new product introduction for medical devices and diagnostic equipment
  • Laboratory Advisory helps generate process and systems roadmap for streamlined laboratory operations
  • Sales and Marketing Advisory improves our clients’ customer intimacy and operational efficiency by delivering high impact digital capabilities across the customer value chain
  • Regulatory Advisory & Assessment  optimizes  end-to-end regulatory processes and activities coupled with our regulatory operations capability to deliver end-to-end solutions for the life cycle maintenance
  • M&A Advisory Services delivers all aspects of a company’s integration or divestiture, from the initial strategy and planning through execution and operation.
  • Compliance & Validation Services helps to adhere to various regulatory requirements and align to standards like GAMP( Good Automated Manufacturing Practice), ICH , ISO1385, QSR etc.


  • Improved Forecasting Accuracy by 8 -12%
  • Improved inventory performance up to 50%
  • Reduced clinical trial cycle time by 10-25%
  • Improved patient adherence to trial protocols – 20-40%
  • Improved regulatory compliance, regulatory reporting cycle times – 10-25%
  • Improved productivity through effective scheduling and tracking of resources and tests – 5-15%
  • Increased customer service levels, working capital efficiency – 20-50%
  • Improved plant throughput, reduced manufacturing cycle times – 10-40%

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