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Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are valuable strategic tools to accelerate Business 4.0™ transformation. But to realize their potential, companies must tackle formidable execution complexities, such as multi-geography spread, dearth of talent and inadequate tools and frameworks, while minimizing risks. They must also balance the pursuit of short-term goals with the overhaul of application, infrastructure and operating model needed to fulfill long-term objectives.

TCS Solution

TCS offers end-to-end M&A Services—covering integration, separation, and joint ventures—that maximize value and minimize time and risk. Bringing together industry knowledge, agile delivery and global infrastructure, our Merger and Acquisition Services span assessment, planning and execution of integration / separation, transition services and post-execution operations and business process services. There is a special focus on technology transformation and business process design and optimization. Apart from consulting, TCS’ M&A Services works with enterprise applications and platform solution specialists to offer turnkey integration and separation solutions. Our M&A solutions include end-to-end unified communication for enhanced customer experience and legal support.


  • Accelerated journey to strategic, operational, financial and cultural goals of M&A
  • Maximized integration synergies, lower operating costs
  • Reduction of complexity and risks
  • Faster execution through global delivery and cloud services
  • Higher valuation for carve-outs through innovative solution
  • Minimized impact on existing operations through flexible staffing model

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