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Innovation drives Microsoft product success
Bob Stutz, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, speaks on the benefits of TCS’ innovations in building their new product, and highlights how TCS’ mix of the right talent and motivation helped them achieve shorter time to market.
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Experience Results

Bob Stutz reflects on how TCS has successfully helped build their new product and drive go to market through numerous business enhancements. These have helped Microsoft strengthen its brand in the marketplace.

Experience Partnership

Talking about TCS’ commitment to working closely with Microsoft on evaluating their work, Bob appreciates how TCS ensured the right team for the various engagements. TCS has also proved to be a trusted partner during the go to market stage.

He adds, “TCS is always looking at us and trying to figure out how can they help us more and their commitment to us as a partner has been above and beyond any other partner that I've dealt with in my years in this business.”

Experience Leadership

Bob describes how TCS played a key role in the development of Microsoft’s product by proposing new and innovative ideas. He believes that TCS’ innovations and experience helped their product achieve its current position in the marketplace.

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