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The Challenge

Sustainability has become a business imperative due to market and regulatory forces and climate change. Besides evolving regulations, which are a dominant force, other aspects like cost pressures due to depleting natural resources, a competitive landscape because of early movers, and consumer and investor demands are critical to shaping up manufacturers’ sustainability journey. To drive sustainability outcomes, organizations have to move away from siloed functions.

TCS Solution

Based on Neural ManufacturingTM, TCS’ Sustainable by Design suite of offerings helps manufacturers embed sustainability and circular economy principles. It comprises:

Sustainable by Design strategy: Envisions customers’ sustainability journey with purpose-centric ecosystems, data, and technology

Sustainability analytics: Provides a single view of data and metrics, enabling cognitive capabilities for sustainable business decisions and efficient reporting and disclosures

Sustainable operations and sourcing: Enables value chain decarbonization by ensuring efficient operations and sustainable sourcing decision-making capabilities

Closed loop ecosystem: Helps build extensive capabilities around product use-dispose-collect-recycle through material visibility and consumer incentivization

Marketplace for circularity: Enables a marketplace to promote circular business models


With TCS’ Sustainable by Design suite, manufacturers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Additional revenue streams through new service models
  • Cost savings through resource optimization and operational efficiency improvement
  • Access to green finance and lower capital rates
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Efficient compliance, reporting, and disclosures for transparent stakeholder management
  • Superior brand value and social image, providing higher market valuation
  • Safe, healthy, and productive workforce
  • Improved organizational resilience to climate and linear business model risks

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