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Adopting a design thinking-led approach to transformation



Financial institutions are looking to strategize their testing and quality engineering to become more agile and accelerate time to market. Real-time front-to-back business processes with traceable transactions need to have adequate risk controls while ensuring quality. Increasing digitization of access control policies, security gaps, and suboptimal IT systems can lead to bad customer experiences. Enterprises need to ensure the protection of personally identifiable information and honor the consumer privacy preferences defined by regulations.


TCS BFSI’s Foundation for Agility and Resilience helps enterprises maintain customer data privacy with design thinking-led transformation and enhanced customer consent management. The advisory service provides a privacy impact assessment via privacy management and sensitive data protection capabilities to ensure regulatory compliance and leverages garage as a service to accelerate the ideation to MVP lifecycle. It offers:

  • Design-led transformation: Transform the business and value chains from digital-first to must with design thinking processes
  • Data privacy and access control: Digitize access control policies with privacy impact assessment, recommended processes and tools, and compliancy safeguards
  • Test.QE and MachineFirst assurance: Leverage a unique delivery model aligned with MFDMTM to enhance effectiveness and efficiency and transform test and quality engineering adoption
  • BizDevSecOps magnum code: Establish a detailed, implementation-ready BizDevSecOps blueprint and roadmap to optimize the entire IT lifecycle
  • Garage-as-a-service: Deploy ROI-focused MVP in 6-8 weeks to drive fail fast transformation and improve the speed to market






The solution provides the following benefits to enterprises:

  • Protection of sensitive data from unauthorized access with automation of customer consent management, and data collection and usage processes
  • Optimized IT processes with defined target architectures for DevOps roadmap establishment
  • Multifold gains in speed, quality, and cost while retaining the brand image and complying with regulations
  • Quick deployment of MVPs, pilot, or new features for success or fail-fast approach
  • Access to MVP outcomes as new business models or solutions to an existing problem

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