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Consumer-grade experience for enterprise support


The next frontier in employee experience will be driven by the enterprise service desk function, empowering companies to deliver next-generation user experience and IT support. Yet, few organizations are digitizing their service desk in a consistent and omnichannel manner. The reason: most enterprise customer support services primarily rely on traditional channels such as telephony and chat, failing to proactively detect and respond to employee support needs, hampering productivity and adoption.


The TCS DeskHelp solution leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to offer a consumer-grade experience for enterprise support. Through an intelligent, predictive, suggestive and contextual model (IPSC), the solution drives contextualization and personalization at scale and predicts users’ support needs. Backed by NLP, enterprise contextual information sources and historical interactions of users, the solution enhances intent detection accuracy. The unified AI-driven experience layer enables simplified, integrated, contextualized and machine-driven enterprise support with self-learning capabilities. 


  • Up to 80% reduction in calls to service desks

  • Up to 30-40% savings in monthly operational costs

  • Enriched user experience

  • Improved crisis readiness

  • Enhanced employee utilization


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