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Sunil Nagpal

Scientist, TCS Research.

Dr Geetha Thiagarajan

Chief Technology Officer, Life Sciences and Healthcare, TCS


  • The innumerable microorganisms present on the earth have complex implications for the planet and human health.  
  • Acknowledging the human microbiome modality is vital for the pharma industry as companies are expected to adopt advanced drug and diagnostic technologies, diversify their product portfolios, and create new growth avenues for new solutions. 
  • Affordability and miniaturization of DNA sequencing technology is fast paving the way for commoditization of the microbiome-based wellness market. 
  • A single large-scale microbiome research project can generate terabytes of data. Managing, processing, and analyzing this data, requires both computational and domain expertise.
  • We are looking at a future of accessibility, wherein consumers would profile and analyze their personalized microbiome, and receive lifestyle and dietary recommendations through hand-held devices. This means, massive data streams are expected in the future.
  • Biology-informed algorithms rooted in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing can unlock clinical intelligence hidden in complex microbial genomes, reactomes, and metabolic networks.
  • If the previous decade was about microbiome research, the world is now poised to enter the era of the microbiome business.