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Dr. Hilde Vanaken

Head of Industry Leaders, Life Sciences and Healthcare, TCS

Medication adherence continues to remain one of the biggest healthcare challenges not only for commercially available treatments but also for Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs) in clinical trials. Research has shown that, across all therapeutic areas, adherence rates drop by 40% within a year of clinical trial commencement. Incorrect medication intake can pose multiple risks such as sub-optimal therapeutic effects, higher chance of side effects, increased use of medical resources, or even incorrect assessments and conclusions for the Investigational Medicinal Products with an early termination of potential life-saving compounds. Physicians too have limited to no real-time insights into the activities at home, and hence incorrect intake is picked up only during the next interaction or a few even go unnoticed. This can have a significant impact on the safety and health of patients.

Read on to find what the next generation medication management in clinical trials should entail

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Dr. Hilde Vanaken
Dr Hilde is a passionate generalist with a track record of turning large & complex concepts into realization through collaboration. She joined TCS in 2019 as a Senior Industry Advisor for TCS Life Sciences & Healthcare having spent the previous +25 years at the pharma side where she shaped & led multiple cross-departmental & cross-pharma preclinical & clinical programs to success stories, e.g. Janssen’s Integrated Smart Trial & Engagement program, Transcelerate eConsent program.
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