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Banks have been on a journey to increasingly provide a host of services digitally to their consumers. The ongoing pandemic has if at all only served to further accentuate the focus not just on “how much digital they are” to the consumer but also on how much their internal operations as well have embraced digital technologies. 

Given some of the legacy technology challenges which incumbent Banks face, there have been multiple approaches to addressing the question of how to transform to be a digital first bank?  Incumbent established banks have had to either migrate out of legacy platforms or establish digital brands from scratch. New “Challenger” banks have neatly side stepped the problem of legacy and have built tech platforms from scratch which are modern and have placed a premium on putting the customer first and seeing how they can provide an experience which is differentiated. They have taken an approach which can be called “Digital Only”. 

In this TCS BaNCS Dialogues webinar, we explored what being “Digital First and Consumer First” means from different perspectives. What does this mean to a newly established bank which has been in business for a while and has ambitions to scale its business, what are the perspectives of a bank which is still in its formative stage and is planning for a 2021 launch; how does an established bank look at the landscape both in terms of customer expectations and ways of delivering on them. We looked at how Banks view their customer segments, business models and the ecosystem in which they operate, including the regulatory environment and their approach to Innovation.


  • Steve Weston, CEO, Volt Bank, Australia
  • Gal Bar Dea, CEO, First Digital Bank (in set up), Israel
  • Sven Eggefalk, CEO, Länsförsäkringar Bank, Sweden


  • Venkateshwaran Srinivasan – Head, TCS Financial Solutions