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Poushali Chatterjee

Head - Talent Development Center, TCS iON

Roshan Shetty

Consultant - Talent Development, TCS iON

Today, the challenge for businesses is to align new and retained talent with their ambitions while also ensuring continued resilience, responsiveness, and agility.

  • As technology advances and job profiles change, talent managers must reskill existing staff and look at acquiring new talent, keeping both in balance.
  • In this substantial talent transformation, what is working in talent managers’ favor is the emergence of what we call the ‘Human Cloud’ – an abundance and accessibility of talent.
  • Apart from areas where workers’ physical presence remains critical – for example, in manufacturing – recruiters and talent managers are less and less limited by location as technology has created a virtual global talent pool.
  • The challenge is to nurture and cultivate this ubiquity, harnessing it to maximize the opportunities ahead.

This paper looks at key focus areas that can help organizations address this efficiently.