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Rajiv Thanawala

Innovation Evangelist in the areas of Behavior, Business and Social Sciences Research, TCS R&I

Digital and mobile technologies widen reach and efficacy of mental health care

With mental health conditions on the rise, technology is coming to the rescue of patients, their families, and doctors alike. Self-care mental health tools such as gamified mobile apps can enable discrete and timely access to medical care by:

  • Deploying multi-modal, non-intrusive sensing by analyzing user’s voice, image and text
  • Providing a graphic view of the user’s emotions and a population level graph of emotions over time
  • Leveraging results of the behavior analysis framework to provide timely alerts to users or their caregivers when the user’s mental health condition needs urgent attention

Such a gamified self-help mental health solution can be used by:

  • Organizations  - to promote employees’ mental wellbeing
  • Clinical psychotherapists / psychiatrists - to monitor their patients’ mental health
  • Health insurers - to determine premium benefits by analyzing group level mental health views
  • Clinical trials regulators - to check if specific medicines have any side effects on mental health