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Ashok Krish

Global Head, Digital Workplace, TCS

Making the shift to federated and self-governed borderless workplaces

Every cloud has a silver lining; as does this global pandemic that refuses to relent even after months of wreaking havoc on human lives and livelihoods. Even as countries limp back to economic revival, most organizations that opted for remote working models to ensure business continuity during the early months of the COVID-19 crisis are yet to chalk out a foolproof strategy for a safe return to work.

We however prefer to look at these ‘dark times’ through the lens of positivity and firmly believe this crisis to be an inflection point in the way businesses operate. Remote working will no longer be viewed as an operational alternative – and that too, a less preferred one – to office spaces. It will be the driving force behind a paradigm shift in the very nature of working – one that allows organizations to fully tap into the talent cloud, effectively harness the potential of new-age technologies, and offer equitable opportunities across geography and gender, all while lowering the environmental footprint.