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Navin Bhise

Head, Center of Excellence – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Apps, TCS

Pranav Shroti

Solution Architect, Center of Excellence for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Apps and Power Platform, TCS


The reality-virtuality continuum is a spectrum that has the real world at one end and the virtual realm at the other.Between these two ends are various digital experiences that use a combination of real and virtual objects to various degrees. These experiences have been enabled by technologies such as augmented reality (AR), augmented virtuality (AV) and virtual reality (VR).

After several false starts over the years, these technologies have finally become commercially viable. The most promising of all the simulated reality technologies is mixed reality (MR), which is built by using digital objects and allows interactions between the virtual and the real world. This paper discusses various use cases of MR across industries, including manufacturing, utilities, healthcare, and education. It also lists some of the current technologies in the market that help build MR experiences.