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Ensure business continuity with TCS’ automation solutions


Sustainable business operations are synonymous with operational excellence. However, issues such as climate change and global unrest pose a threat to business continuity. This is now more pronounced due to the unprecedented effects of a global pandemic. However, most organizations lack the structure to embrace risks and leverage ecosystems to create exponential value and drive mass personalization. To deliver business resilience, organizations need to adopt a Business 4.0™ vision and use cloud, automation, and agile technologies to meet their business goals even in the face of disruptive events. [96 words]


TCS’ Business Resilience Assessment Service has been designed to help organizations develop a solid foundation for resilience maturity and ensure business continuity even in the face of overwhelming odds. The solution leverages TCS’ Business 4.0 framework and provides a readiness measure at three broad organization levels:

  • Operating model: This concerns the strategy and institutionalized empowerment culture, collaboration and knowledge management, supply chain diversification, and financial stability. This helps in people management and to analyze the financial risk management in an organization 

  • Business process services: The service focuses on homogeneity, agile ops, level of automation, digital penetration, and data models. This helps build on the process ergonomics and digital effectiveness of an organization

  • Technology: The assessment areas include IT foundation, functional IT structure, and remote operability. This benefits the IT continuity design of an organization 

Once the business resilience assessment is completed, TCS determines the current state of resilience maturity in the enterprises and offers recommendations to improve the same. A detailed roadmap with key actions plans is laid out to help enterprises prepare for emerging challenges with zero disruptions. 


TCS’ Business Resilience Assessment Service helps organizations incorporate flexibility into their long-term planning efforts to overcome any potential risk scenarios in future that may damage their prospects. The solution leverages Business 4.0 methodologies to strengthen existing ecosystem and promote business growth. Based on our observations, some of the benefits that enterprises can reap with Business Resilience Assessment Service are:

  • 30% increase in revenue generation

  • 3X reduction in operating costs

  • 30% (and increasing) rise in market share 


As the world battles a pandemic, TCS believes that business resilience is the need of the hour. Business resilience helps organizations safeguard assets while maintaining business as usual. With TCS, enterprises can benefit from:

  • Innovative best-in-class solutions, powered by strong domain expertise and IT leadership

  • State-of-the-art tools such as Celonis process mining, PowerBI reports, and proven methodologies such as Cognitive Business Operations Suite for Maturity Assessment and Machine First Delivery Model™ 

  • Ingrained commitment to clients and comprehensive industry expertise


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