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Intelligent digital finance solutions enabled by TCS CogniX™


A major problem faced by enterprises across the globe has been the lack of real-time visibility into operational and commercial transactions and the failure to access decision support and actionable insights derived from existing data. Besides, the partial and siloed implementation of digital technologies has also led to an extended cycle time for core transactions. Meanwhile, emerging digital technologies, coupled with diverse products, also leads to delays in decision-making.

TCS Solution

Powered by the Machine First™ Delivery Model (MFDM™) and TCS CogniX™, TCS Digital Finance and Accounting Services helps enterprises drive business outcomes across the finance function to improve working capital, optimize cash flow, and provide an enhanced experience to users.

Using cognitive machine learning capabilities, the solution elevates user experience and improves processing productivity and accuracy. The advanced process optimization layer acts as an augmentation layer to increase the maturity of advisory bots, while the readily deployable persona-enabled CFO dashboards are helpful for interactive visualization.

The services also include a real-time finance cycle to enhance key finance-based processes. TCS Digital Finance and Accounting Services also provide real-time decision support and plug-and-play visualization models to drive effective business outcomes.


By leveraging TCS Digital Finance and Accounting Services, enterprises worldwide can reap the following benefits:

  • Reduce TCO by 50-60% through automation and low transactional cost

  • Change their approach to predictive, intelligent, and proactive with MFDM

  • Improve working capital and optimize cash management

  • Increase revenue through orchestration of digital technologies

  • Foster collaboration and drive behavioral consistency with digital systems

  • Drive agility through insight-driven decision support and reporting model


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