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Mahesh Kshirsagar

CTO – Analytics and Insights, TCS



Best practices across business, people and process drive assured outcomes

As enterprises increasingly adopt artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, they need to ensure that benefits from the technology are optimized and their AI projects secure assured outcomes. AI demands continued and long-term investment. To maximize the return on investment, an enterprise  must focus on the business, technology, people and process aspects. Key considerations include:

  • Establishing a comprehensive business case, vetted and validated by all stakeholders
  • Putting in place an agreement on measurable KPIs or metrics
  • Identifying acceptable techniques to measure the success of AI initiatives
  • Adopting and adapting core and complementary AI technologies
  • Securing the usage of data managing expectations around data privacy
  • Ensuring sustenance of AI solutions by ensuring strict regulatory compliance

We put forth a 12-C framework to drive successful AI initiatives with significant innovation impacts on your business.