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David Kish

Ecosystem Advisor

Danielle Stanko

Former Business Analyst

Preeti Gandhi

Head - Sustainability Marketing, TCS


From doing less harm to our environments to repairing our relationships with each other, the Earth’s life-supporting systems, and technology.

To achieve a stable world, we need an entirely new paradigm for the way we think about social and economic development—one that takes a whole systems perspective on relationships in a complex and interdependent world.

We need an approach that balances our relationships to each other, the Earth’s life-supporting systems, and the technology that underpins our lives.

We must go beyond sustainable development—doing less harm to our environments—and start repairing these relationships so that everyone now and in the future can thrive. We need new systems and models that generate many types of wealth and create collective longevity. Regenerative economics is a way of thinking oriented around cultivating and revitalizing wellbeing at all scales, from individuals to landscapes.