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The fourth edition of the Cross Pharma Meet organized by TCS ADD™ Connected Clinical Trials (CCT) saw over 30 executives from pharma and life sciences firms in attendance. Held on November 12, the event at TCS Pace Port™ New York and was a great success, filled with inspiration, education and insights!

The high-level theme of the event centered on three key pillars - ‘Collaborate. Innovate. Transform.’. The 2019 CCT Cross Pharma Meet comprised an action-packed day with a series of academic and industry-mapped sessions coupled with insightful demonstrations. 

Here’s a quick snapshot of the Cross Pharma Meet:

  • 30+ attendees from top 10 pharma organizations
  • 5 industry mapped sessions
  • 10 pharma and life sciences logos represented
  • 150+ digital interactions on social media

Key takeaways

1. TCS - Cornell Tech joint innovation showcase: The session provided a high-level overview of the joint research and collaboration initiatives undertaken by TCS and Cornell Tech through the set-up of Co-Innovation Networks (COIN), Academic Research, Rapid Labs and Think Spaces

  • State-of-the-art TCS Pace Port™ facility - The creative hub is a catalyst for multidisciplinary collaboration between TCS, its customers, Cornell Tech students and faculty, and local startups, for rapid prototyping, research and commercializing of cutting-edge technologies.
  • Key research in following areas – AI & Robotics, Data & Modeling, Human-Computer Interaction & Social Computing, Security & Privacy and Law & Policy
  • Tanzeem Choudhary, Professor, Cornell Tech spoke about the application of digital biomarkers in the area of applied research and application of innovative digital technologies towards enhanced patient engagement

2. Detailed hands on and demos of new CCT capabilities covering

  • Intelligent medication: Including medication adherence, smart NFC enabled medication packages, smart bottles, blisters, vials and digital labels
  • Patient engagement and virtual trial capability advancement: BYOD, questionnaire-based modules, smart personalized alerts and patient behavior analytics
  • Site engagement including-site app for guided walkthrough of subject visits, passive scanning of smart inhalers using CCT Medsense and eConsent

3. Customer experience sharing: Findings from customer pilots and real studies

  • Addressing the challenge of ensuring medication adherence in Alzheimer study
  • Designing an efficient eConsent system for a stroke study
  • Read out from early pilots with smart medication tracking and automated drug accountability use cases
  • Key benefits accrued by customer and end-user as a result
  • Need to set up a CCT cross-sponsor user group to further enable sharing of best practices across industry

4. Experiential engagement

  • Use of augmented reality pods to explore possibilities of enhancing patient and site experience in a clinical trial
  • TCS NYC Marathon run app – An interactive experience that enables users to participate in a virtual marathon and compete with fellow users

5. CCT plan for 2020

  • Roadmap and release plan for 2020, discussion on key exciting new capabilities expected next year

To understand more about TCS ADD™ Connected Clinical Trials, click here

The demo on capabilities of intelligent trial medication and digital patient engagement tools was extremely insightful.
Clinical Head of a leading American multinational pharmaceutical company

Highlight of the day for me was the customer session on engagement tools for eConsent and the TCS Pace Port facility in New York.
Clinical Research Scientist at a European multinational pharmaceutical company

The Augmented Reality (AR) demo really blew my mind. Fantastic work and a day well spent!
Director of Clinical Paradigm at a research-based global biopharmaceutical company

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