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Eco-sustainability Services


Integrate sustainability into your business to drive resource efficiency.


Driven by the cost and scarcity of resources, rapidly changing country and industry regulations, transformation in the competitive landscape, and increasing investor interest, boardrooms and chief executives recognize that sustainability is important for the future success of their businesses. TCS' Eco-sustainability services help you integrate sustainability into your business strategies to drive growth and innovation, profitability and brand reputation.


Empowered Consumers: Future Proofing Electric Utility Services
In this TCS-Xyntéo webcast, experts explain how energy utilities can navigate the power landscape with consumers playing a pivotal role, and how they can undertake new consumer-centric business models to weave them into their mainstream business process.

The TCS Advantage

TCS differentiates itself as a trusted partner helping you drive your sustainability agenda through its thought leadership in this space, ability to innovate and co-create solutions, rich sustainability and industry domain expertise and an established partnership ecosystem to provide end-to-end solutions:

  • We have published a series of thought leadership articles on the transformative opportunities across industries in transitioning to a low carbon economy.
  • Leveraging our COINTM framework that connects several players in the technology landscape and creates true synergies in innovation, we co-create solutions in enterprise sustainability management, energy management and water management.
  • Leveraging a proven partnership frameworks, we actively build a strong partner ecosystem across all our solution areas that cover various emerging sustainability technology areas.
  • TCS, itself is a leading eco-corporation, has received important awards and recognitions for its own sustainability performance.

What TCS Provides

We, at TCS, provide eco-sustainability services to businesses in the following dimensions:

Sustainability Strategy and Risk Management: We support you in shaping up your strategy by looking at sustainability as a lever for new growth channels and cost optimization through resource productivity. In addition, we help you identify risks for the business from a sustainability perspective and develop approaches to mitigate these risks. We also propose IT interventions that address the challenges in executing the sustainability strategy.

Sustainable Operations: We understand the area of consumption efficiency and optimization across resources such as materials, energy (conventional, renewable and low carbon energy), water and waste. We work with you to address the process challenges and enhance the visibility of sustainability data to help you better manage your sustainability performance.

Sustainable Value Chain: To create a significant impact, you must consider the environmental efficiencies in your entire value chain – specifically in the areas of raw materials procurement, their manufacturing and processing, shipping and transportation, and use and disposal. Toward this, we focus on supply chain sustainability, low carbon logistics, product stewardship and sustainable consumption.

Within these sustainability dimensions, we provide the following solutions:

  • Sustainability Performance Management: Defining processes and systems to optimally manage sustainability performance of companies
  • EHS Compliance Management: Defining processes and systems to optimally manage compliance requirements of companies
  • Energy Management: Integrated energy management across the entire energy management lifecycle – diagnostics, metering and monitoring, energy efficiency implementation, tracking reporting and verification
  • Supplier Sustainability Management: Designing supplier sustainability strategies and implementing systems to manage supplier sustainability information and to create visibility for driving product stewardship
  • Product Sustainability: Lifecycle assessments and product engineering, based on Design for Environment (DfE) principles

White Papers

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