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Globally distributed teams are fast becoming the norm today. Companies, such as yours, are increasing their global footprint and the number of remote workers, their outsourcing initiatives and “work from home” options. All these reduce the need for a physical office.

As a result, many knowledge workers, today, perform their work interactions electronically, via email, chat, phone, or even video – without ever meeting face-to-face. This calls for efficient remote collaboration. Therefore, growing companies are confronted with the need to communicate more efficiently, in real-time and face-to-face – to build mutual trust, foster teamwork, and develop and deliver high-quality deliverables.

Managers, too, look for ways to acquire team and work status on-the-move, while team members need to sustain on-going discussions. The development and production processes demand complete team involvement during scrum calls or meetings, video conferences and phone calls.

TCS’ Solution: VirtualOffice

TCS meets this growing demand with its VirtualOffice, a 3D virtual rendition of a physical office along with the ability to informally connect with remote knowledge workers. This enables and encourages casual interactions without being physically co-located. VirtualOffice integrates VOIP chat and look-alike avatars. It mirrors a real office, facilitates scrum meetings inside conference rooms along with the speaker's video and independently navigates presentation pages. In effect, you interact seamlessly with globally distributed teams and derive savings in terms of infrastructure and travel costs.


  • An “integrated” team
  • Cost savings and clean technology
  • Round-the-clock availability
  • Real-time availability
  • Ease-of-use

Download Brochure Virtual Office (81 KB)