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Fraud Management Solution


Fraudsters are using advanced technologies to expose vulnerabilities in systems and applications, and launch sophisticated attacks. Card frauds continue to happen despite several security measures taken by organizations. The globally accepted best anti-fraud practices need to be incorporated in real time in fraud management solutions.

TCS’ Fraud Management solution embodies the industry's best practices.

Solution Highlights

  • Built on robust Progress® Apama® Complex Event Processing (CEP) Platform
  • Introduces new fraud detection rules without lengthy software development life cycle, resulting in  faster time-to-market
  • Works with different middleware systems, applications and other endpoints without disrupting your organization’s existing IT infrastructure
  • Supports both rule-based and score-based fraud detection
  • Supports fraud detection across channels like web, POS and ATM

The card fraud management solution also provides value-added features such as the following:

  • Up sell
  • Cross sell
  • Real-time customer experience alerts
  • Audit violations
  • Exception management

The TCS Advantage

  • Integration with multiple applications for real-time decision making with high performance benchmarks
  • Statistical model-driven profiling facilitated by data mining and modeling components 
  • Proven third-party components, such as the Apama® Complex Event Processing (CEP) platform, to ensure that our offering works seamlessly with different systems and applications without disrupting your existing IT infrastructure
  • Flexibility to seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise solutions like BPM or Reporting 
  • Rich domain knowledge leveraged during design of the solution


  • Real-time visibility of fraud vulnerability
  • Ability to immediately respond to fraud with timely and relevant actions
  • Prevent monetary loss due to frauds
  • Help retain and earn customer trust and brand value