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TCS' enterprise real-time radiopharmacy and SAP solutions help Cardinal Health transform its IT operations

In this video, senior executives at Cardinal Health discuss how TCS implemented a real-time radio-pharmacy system that helped Cardinal Health produce and deliver high-value, short-shelf-life products timely and efficiently.

Cardinal Health is a Fortune 19 company that helps pharmacies, hospitals, and ambulatory care sites improve focus on patient care, while reducing costs, improving efficiency and increasing profitability.

Annlea Rumfola, VP, Information Technology, Cardinal Health
Patty Morrison, Executive VP of Customer Care, Shared Services and CIO, Cardinal Health

Experience Results
Cardinal Health describes how TCS was able to reduce material utilization in the dispensing of products, and centralized many back-office functions by creating an SAP environment, which allowed for a very detailed web-based customer invoicing system.

Experience Partnership
Cardinal Health commends TCS on its flexibility and ability to work as a critical part of the team. According to its senior executives, TCS’ dedication and commitment to success showed throughout the life of the project.

"The account team has done their homework. They put the feet on the ground, they build the relationships, [and] they do the hard work", feels Patty Morrison.

Experience Leadership
Cardinal Health believes that TCS goes out of the way to build relationships and puts people first. The dedication is proven from the leadership down to the talent working directly on the project. 

Read the Cardinal Health Case Study (472 KB)