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TCS helps Owens Corning improve the quality of delivery and business results

In this video, senior executives from Owens Corning discuss the successful partnership between Owens Corning and TCS, highlighting how TCS has been a commendable partner in improving the quality of delivery and business results at Owens Corning and why TCS is a partner of choice. 

“I think the best thing I can say about our relationship with TCS is in 2011, after a 4 to 5 year relationship, TCS was named ‘Supplier of the year’ for Owens Corning. Not technology supplier of the year, supplier of the year for our whole company.”
- Owens Corning, David Johns, SVP CIO

Owens Corning is a leading global producer of residential and commercial building materials, glass fiber reinforcements and engineered materials for composite systems. A Fortune 500 Company for 57 consecutive years, Owens Corning is committed to driving sustainability through delivering solutions, transforming markets and enhancing lives.


  • Steve Zerby, VP Global Application Development and Support, Owens Corning
  • Kumar Kannan, Director Sourcing, Emerging Technologies, Owens Corning
  • David Johns, SVP CIO, Owens Corning
  • Jim Beilstein, Director Manufacturing Technology and IT Operations, Owens Corning

Experience Results:
TCS has a long-standing relationship with Owens Corning and has helped it to continuously drive out cost, ensure efficiencies and productivity that all the customers of Owens Corning can count on.

TCS helped the company reduce its overall bottom line by consolidating a lot of its back office processes and technologies into a more seamless platform, enabling a lower overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of those platforms.

Experience Partnership:
Owens Corning commends TCS on its willingness and ability to work as a partner. According to its senior executives, TCS’ high amount of dedication and commitment to the success of Owens Corning makes TCS a partner of choice.

Experience Leadership:
Owen Corning finds that TCS isn’t looking to be just another player. It wants to lead the work. Therefore, it sees TCS more as a leader than a participant. It can rely upon TCS to react and respond very quickly, regardless of where it operates on the globe.