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The TCS COIN™ Emerging Technology Trends Report 2011


The TCS Co-Innovation Network (COIN™) is a rich and diverse network that connects entities such as emergent technology companies, research labs of academic institutions, leading technology vendors, venture funds, and several other research bodies to facilitate collaborative IT and IT services innovation for customers.

COIN™ has a dedicated team to watch the technology landscape for new ideas and emergent technologies that can gain market traction in order to feed TCS’ robust innovation pipeline. As our network connects to some of the most ambitious venture capital firms in different geographies, we are able to observe funding patterns.

The COIN™ team also handles customer needs for new technologies. Thus, we are able to feel the pulse of new technologies and plot their market maturity graph.

The COIN™ Trends Report 2011 offers TCS’ perception of the top emerging technologies. It is based on a study of 1200 technology startups in 2010. We are also happy to present our observations on emerging technology trends specific to China and Israel.