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White Paper

The Challenges of Cross-Channel Fulfillment to the Retail Supply Chain - Part II


Modern shoppers expect their retail experience to be channel-agnostic. Their experience needs to be seamless no matter what channel the interaction with the retailer takes place on, how many channels the interaction eventually involves, and whether or not a single transaction spans across multiple channels.

This rapidly materializing requirement will affect each and every function of the retailer, and their response will be key to their staying competitive and relevant to the modern consumer. Providing such a channel-agnostic experience necessitates increased sophistication on the part of the retailer. The retailer can no longer function in traditional organizational and technological silos.

In Part I of this two-part series on cross-channel fulfillment in retail, we examined the customer drivers pushing retailers toward cross-channel, and the aspects of the supply chain that retailers would have to transform in order to adapt to the cross-channel environment.

Here, we consider recommendations that retailers can adopt in order to successfully make the transition to the cross-channel environment.