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White Paper

Are you riding the digital wave with an assurance surfboard you can rely on?


Customers, today, demand “anything, anywhere, anytime and on any device.” Digital transformation is a key to differentiate your products and services and drive business performance. It is important for organizations to craft a cohesive strategy between the driving forces - Social, Media, Analytics, and Big Data and Cloud.

These forces are changing the behavior of organizations across verticals. To adapt to the changing landscape and remain competitive, all organizations are embarking on an IT transformation to implement a digital strategy. This spans the entire content value chain such as content creation, content aggregation and content distribution and delivery. Conceptualizing IT strategies to create digital products or consuming the digital products within the existing landscape is a holistic and integrated activity across all business units and  requires a transformation in the way IT is currently being delivered.

In this regard, the assurance organization (QA & testing) plays a vital role in certifying the digital transformation. It requires a revamp of your assurance services processes, tools, people and methodologies.

Organizations must have a comprehensive digital assurance platform, which can serve as a blueprint to craft an appropriate digital assurance strategy. It should be able to identify the right tools, methodologies and measures to assure customer experience. The platform must cover the entire digital value chain beginning with content creation, aggregation, distribution and delivery.

In this white paper, we walk you through the elements of a smart assurance strategy and give you insights into the common pitfalls you may encounter. It will serve as the surfboard that will keep you steady and help you derive the maximum benefit from your ride on the digital wave.

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