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White Paper

Gamification in Insurance


“Gaming” is one of the hottest buzzwords in the consumer software market. Insurers are looking at areas where application of game-like-techniques in customer interactions can transform the customer engagement. 

Recently, many insurers are applying the same techniques that game developers use in their consumer-facing applications in order to drive consumer traffic and interest to their organization, hence taking the customer engagement to next level.

Tech-savvy customers are becoming increasingly aware of the latest technologies and they spend more time with social media and smart mobile devices. They have transformed themselves to be digital residents, as opposed to digital visitors, making it necessary for businesses to adopt new technologies as well, which in turn will excite, engage and retain customers.  

In this white paper, we discuss the role and adaption of gamification amongst insurers, game mechanics in business and how you leverage business opportunities. We also present an approach to gamification and how it can be applied to processes and business models and play a big role in transforming the behavior of participants by making activities more inclusive, engaging and fun.

We discuss the next generation of gamified offerings from TCS Innovation Labs – Insurance and describe key strategies and components structured in a gamified-business framework, which will enable you to add a gamified flavor to enhance the user adoption of your offerings. The opportunities and challenges in applying gamification in insurance are high.

Gamification, if applied thoughtfully, can transform the way you conduct business. It could change customers into loyal fans and turn employees to self-managers.