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Insights from TCS UK Innovation Forum 2010 | Theme: Green IT


“Green” may mean different things to different groups. To adopt any green initiative, a greater understanding of our carbon footprint – in our homes, businesses, and supply and value chains – is essential. Intense monitoring and heavy number crunching will be required. Hence, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) comes into play.

The IT industry is in a unique position with respect to greening, viewing it from two perspectives: Greening organizations’ IT departments (Green IT) and using IT Tools to make other industries eco-friendly (IT for Green).

The role of IT in greening is becoming increasingly important. First, although recent data tags IT with just 2% of global emissions, it is an industry that is growing rapidly, at around 6% per annum. Secondly, IT can help mitigate the remaining 98% share of emissions generated by industries like transportation, heavy industry, etc.

The TCS Innovation Forum 2010 in the UK focused on “Green”, a key R&D theme at TCS. Participants from across industries were asked to present the problem areas they are looking at, the control measures being considered and the behavioral changes they would like to adopt while taking their green plans forward.

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