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White Paper

Maximizing the Potential of Data:An Integrated Framework for Enterprise Data Management


Organizations today create and consume vast amounts of data from different channels. However, sifting through and interpreting all of this data is a significant challenge that requires a robust EDM strategy. This paper examines the challenges with the current approach in handling data and suggests a framework for integrating people, processes, and technology products to transform enterprise data into an asset.

Data creation, conversion, and consumption are no longer confined to the boundaries of an enterprise. With the digital five forces of mobility and pervasive computing, cloud, Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, and social media at play, the scope of data has shifted from within the enterprise to 'extended enterprise'. This paradigm shift poses challenges in every aspect of EDM, from quality to privacy, availability, consistency, and integrity.

 This paper recommends an integrated Framework for effective Enterprise Data Management (EDM) that integrates the 3Ps - People, Processes, and Products - of EDM with the 3Cs - Collaboration, Contextual Conversion, and Consistency.

 While most organizations do not experience the disadvantages of not having EDM, they may also not gain immediate tangible benefits after implementing an EDM system. However, the long term benefits of EDM are many which can be realized only by integrating the key levers of people, processes, and products to leverage the full potential of data for business growth and products.

To know more on the Integrated Framework for EDM, download the complete paper here.

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