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White Paper

Why End-to-end Intelligent Systems are the Future of Application Assurance


Organizations across the world need to introduce new products and services faster for a sustained competitive advantage. These strategies often place enormous and relentless pressure on QA teams to accomplish large projects in impossibly short timelines and may force them to compromise on quality in order to meet deadlines.

The goal of application assurance is to examine the quality of a product or service and ensure its error-free release in the market. However, in today’s ever-changing business environment, testing methods that once yielded results may no longer be sustainable.

Obtaining adequate test data, creating relevant test cases and building multiple test data sets demand significant time, effort and synchronization. Apart from the more obvious shortcomings of manual testing (especially for the test design phase), application testing is also prone to several other challenges including the unavailability of test environment, diversity of test environments, unavailability of integration components essential for system testing and compliance requirements associated with test data.

An intelligent and smartly integrated testing system can help businesses move closer to their seemingly impossible objective of developing market applications faster, at lower costs, while ensuring uncompromised quality and superior end-user experience.

In this white paper, we highlight the capabilities a smart and intelligent testing system must have to achieve the above business objectives. Some them include the following:

  • Test coverage
  • Test robustness
  • Testing resource management
  • Emerging technology integration
  • Seamless automation
  • Enhanced assurance

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