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White Paper

A turn for the better: Improving the wind industry’s competitive edge


The wind energy sector is, in many ways, still in its infancy but is a rapidly growing industry. Thus, there are significant opportunities to shape its development by applying technological innovation alongside the wind energy project lifecycle. It can play a major role in building a lower-carbon energy mix. For the sector to fulfill this promise, it must achieve grid parity as an industry.

By applying known technology to better manage the operations and massive flow of information through wind farms, in this white paper, we demonstrate how progress toward industry-wide grid parity can be accelerated. We focus on the role of information technology, in particular, in improving performance and reducing costs.

Complemented by interviews with industry leaders, our analysis indicates that use of ICT capabilities alone could deliver an 8-21% reduction in the levelized cost of wind energy. Therefore, we have identified six specific opportunity areas across the lifecycle of wind energy management.