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Anglian Water Reduces Costs, Saves Energy

TCS delivers an advanced analytics-driven asset management system to optimize operations.

Anglian Water
Natural Resource Management

Anglian Water looks to increase asset performance and reduce losses.

Anglian Water wanted to update their current telemetry system to be able to effectively fetch, cleanse, analyze, and integrate real-time data from field assets. This would increase asset performance and reduce costly operations and energy wastage.

To facilitate a cost-benefit analysis and accurately determine losses, the company needed a unified, graphical view of past and present Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as efficiency, power consumption, and net water flow.

To this end, they decided to engage TCS to implement an advanced, analytics-driven energy efficiency management system.


TCS employs Next-Gen analytics to improve asset monitoring and operational efficiency.

TCS conducted a rigorous assessment of the utility’s existing telemetry data flow and methods to determine asset efficiency.

We developed data adapters to extract-transform-load (ETL) telemetry data collected from various sources, and deployed an advanced analytics module to allow business users to set KPI-driven operational targets to improve overall asset efficiency.

TCS’ Analytics-driven energy management system saves £50,000.

 and derive real time insights on energy consumption. We developed innovative energy optimization models and presented them through interactive dashboards.

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