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How a neural approach can help agribusinesses optimize their value chains

The agriculture supply chain globally comprises an intricate network of farmers, processing plants, customers, and more. Besides, social and environmental concerns and stringent regulations and policies make the network even more complex, thereby rendering it fragmented. Such a disparate network leads to innumerable outcomes which creates uncertainty in decision making. This uncertainty can be attributed to operational factors, such as unpredictable yields, and external factors such as meteorological conditions, farmer capabilities, and more.

This white paper explores how a well-executed sales and operations planning (S&OP) process can help agribusinesses manage supply chain performance. Key to transformation in the agriculture supply chain is the use of analytics driven by integrated business planning. It identifies gaps in financial planning against demand and supply planning, helping companies to move from reactive to proactive planning and responsive supply chains. Such intelligent decision-making capabilities are core to Neural ManufacturingTM, which enables an organization and its ecosystems to become connected, cognitive, and collaborative.

Sourav Sengupta

Industry Advisor, Manufacturing, TCS

Atishi Saxena

Business Consultant, Manufacturing, TCS


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