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Businesses today–and FIs are no exception–are constantly engaged in a competitive battle over the turf called “customer experience”. With some level of entry of Big Techs as well as other disruptors into traditional financial services and the Millennials set to become financially independent, this has the potential to become a winner-take-all contest.

At TCS BaNCS, our product investments in evolving a digital core foundation are aimed at giving our customers a best-in-class business capability, which can also be delivered either natively or via microservices and APIs. We see increasing adoption of cloud and other platform-based consumption models among our client base and expect this trend to continue.

Enriching end client/end user experience by adopting cognitive technologies, delivering actionable insights leveraging resident data, and allowing integration into larger ecosystems leveraging DLT are the other areas where we are investing heavily.

This edition of the TCS BaNCS Research Journal focuses on how TCS BaNCS is involved in developing the capabilities that help our customers derive more intelligence about their customers’ needs while also laying the foundation and building bridges to connect to new and extended ecosystems.



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